The Reds landed Petty, the hardest-throwing high school arm from the 2021 draft in return for All-Star pitcher Sonny Gray.

Petty is No. 216 on our RotoProspects Top 500 Rankings and goes from the  Twins’ No. 8 prospect to No. 11 on the Reds’ list.

The Twins drafted the New Jersey high schooler 26th overall last year with not one, but TWO 70-grade pitches (fastball, slider) and a change-up that the Twins felt would also become a plus offering. His fastball has natural tailing action, and his mid-80s slider has plenty of bite.

He made just two appearances in the rookie complex league last season, striking out six and walking one in five innings.

A lot of scouts, however, see Petty as a big-time reliever with his 102mph fastball and low arm slot on his delivery. Plenty of guys with his profile have become excellent late-inning relievers or closers, we’ll just need plenty of time to see how he develops.