We have decided that the one thing missing from the fantasy baseball world is a real-time look at prospects and an ever-evolving ranking of prospects based on current performance and how they can help you now. We will be tracking the minor leagues, paying close attention to rising stars, slumping performers and, most of all, players who will be up soon to help you dominate your fantasy baseball or dynasty league. We will also be taking a close look at the first-year player draft and international signings so you can immediately see where those players will fall in the pecking order.

We are only interested in players who will be able to help with fantasy baseball teams, meaning defensive wizardry is nice, but only in the context of a player who can help you with offensive stats by staying in the lineup due to his great defense.

We will have daily lists of hot and cold players, keeping an eye on 10-day trends to see who is rising and falling in fantasy baseball terms. We will have a constantly-evolving ranking of the top 300 guys, and will be adding 2021 draftees into the mix as well.

We look forward to using this knowledge to send updates to our twitter followers (twitter.com/RotoProspects) as things become relevant — good or bad. So keep checking in with us for those updates. In fact, bookmark us and take a look each day to make sure you don’t miss a thing!